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Igniting Curiosity

Aimee Zachrison has spent the last 25 years of her life focusing on her passion for educating young minds. As the Vice Principal of Oak Grove Lutheran School, Aimee brings with her a diverse background of teaching experience including her work with alternative schools throughout South Dakota.

"I began my teaching career in Lincoln, Nebraska. After teaching for several years at a Catholic school, I relocated with my husband to South Dakota where I fell in love with the struggles and triumphs of alternative schooling," explained Aimee.

Alternative Schooling is commonly used to support teenagers and young adults who face challenges in life, often leaving behind their education. These difficult situations can range from dropping out and returning to transitioning from prison back to society.

Unfortunately, in 2007 and 2008, the state of South Dakota made the decision to close all of the alternative schools. At the time, Aimee and her husband were living in Watertown, South Dakota where she was teaching in the public school system. Learning of the closures happening across the state, she knew something needed to be done. Through dedication and perseverance, Aimee worked closely with the staff at Watertown High School to create an Alternative School which continues to run to this day.

Following her career in South Dakota, Aimee moved to North Dakota where she instantly fell in love with the opportunity to become Vice-Principal of Oak Grove Lutheran School.

"Academics, Faith, and Service. These are the values of Oak Grove, values that I believe in and work towards every day. Whether you are a member of the staff or a parent, you can see these values hard at work. You can see it in the way the students rally around each other, build relationships, and work hard towards their future."

Oak Grove offers education from Pre-K to 12th grade and is currently ranked as the number one private school in North Dakota. But Oak Grove is more than a prestigious ranking. It's a community where relationships are built and fostered. With an equal focus on education, athletics, and the arts, the staff at Oak Grove come together to help shape the students into the individuals they want to be.

"It's very common to see our teachers, coaches, and art directors working together with students to accommodate their extracurricular activities. We want our kids to succeed in everything they are passionate about," added Aimee.

Maintaining a passion for seeing children thrive, Aimee strives to look at the bigger picture of education for Oak Grove Students.

"To me, this educational experience begins from Pre-K level and continues until each one of our student's graduates. Through our academics, faith, and service, we encourage and build up each student for a successful life."

With just over 600 students from across the Fargo/Moorhead area, Oak Grove Lutheran is a stronger school with Aimee Zachrison leading the way. Her drive, tenacity, and passion for improvement are just a few of the ways Aimee has become an asset to the Oak Grove team.