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One Location, Two Unique Boutiques

Published on 27th July 2019

Imagine shopping with your girlfriends for the perfect outfit after a fun-filled lunch. Or maybe you're in the market for that unique pair of sneakers to match your favorite outfit. You don't have to look far to find the perfect location for all your shopping needs.

Two local boutiques in West Fargo have teamed up to offer a rewarding experience. Talula and Olive Street opened in late 2018 and are located off 23rd Ave across from Costco. Although the stores are new, the owners are veterans at the retail game.

"I've had the pleasure of working in retail for over 30 years, and I can't seem to stay away. After trying my hand at retirement, I realized I missed the customer connection too much and decided a new shopping experience was a must for the Fargo area," says Laurie Chatham, owner of Talula.

The opening of Talula followed in the footsteps of their neighbor, Olive Street. Owned by, Maura Havig, the shoe and accessory boutique is one-of-a-kind without feeling too upscale or out of place. The best part about these stores is their connection, both literally and figuratively.

"I worked at Laurie's and Vanity's Corporate office for many years, and it was a rewarding experience on so many levels with some amazing mentors. When I decided to open Olive Street, I knew there was an opportunity for Laurie and Julie to join in on the fun. The best part was when we discussed being neighbors, we came up with the idea to connect our stores from the inside, giving our customers the chance to browse seamlessly between clothing, shoes, and accessories," says Maura Havig.

Each store features a unique flair and personal take on the fashion industry.

Olive Street is the perfect mixture of trends with easy, everyday pieces with a price point for everyone. With high ceilings and accents of green (including a comfy green velvet sofa), a coffee bar, and a vintage vault, the store oozes class and fashion.

"When I opened Olive Street, I wanted to create a space where you could relax with your girlfriends and have fun shopping. I don't want my customers to feel rushed or like they had to be a certain type of person to shop in my store. We also work hard to provide a personal shopping experience for everyone that walks in the door," says Maura.

Personal shopping is a theme that binds the owners and their stores together.

"I genuinely believe in providing a personal shopping experience for our customers. We focus on how a person feels in their clothes and what their style is, not what the size on the tag says or what the hottest trend is. Utilizing our elevated basics, we work with our customers to help them develop their wardrobe using a few key pieces with some seasonal choices that can easily be swapped out. Like Laurie, I have over 30 years of experience in retail. I started working for Laurie at her former store, Laurie's, in 1987 and worked with Laurie for approx. 20 years. Therefore, forming Talula was very seamless to Laurie and me," says Julie Thorson.

When shopping at Talula, you're greeted with warm smiles and colorful clothing racks. Although clothing is their focus, Laurie and Julie are proud to showcase artwork and custom jewelry from local artisans.

Currently, the owners are excited about their upcoming Fall picks and the changes that will be coming to their boutiques. While Talula will be bringing in new lines from France and Greece, Olive Street will be adding new categories to provide a well-rounded shopping experience.

Both Talula and Olive Street will be hosting exciting events in the Fall to welcome the cooler weather as well as showcase their latest fashion finds. From girlfriend get-togethers at Talula to "Olive Thursdays" where you can take part in group activities like floral arrangements or embroidery, there is something for everyone at these two creatively linked local boutiques.