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Submerse yourself in relaxation

Published on 6th March 2019

There’s something about the mountain air that calms the soul and awakens the spirit. Spending time in the outdoors is something I recommend at least once a year. Breathing fresh air, drinking in the views, and breathing out the stresses of life. The mountains are a recipe for relaxation and contemplation.

Sometimes, a trip to the mountains can be more of an awakening experience, other times it can be a fun-filled weekend where all of your worries are left at the door. The latter is how my husband and I spent our vacation in Pagosa Springs.

Selfishly, I planned our trip to Pagosa because I’d been there before with family. I feel in love with the town, the atmosphere and the time spent relaxing at the pools. I wanted to share a similar experience with my husband just as much as I wanted to return for my own reasons.

One of the biggest reasons for returning, the natural hot sulfur spring pools. Built into the property and with varying temperatures, the pools at the Springs Resort provide numerous health benefits outside of relaxation. According to research, sulfur springs can be used for stress relief, can help with arthritic pain and relieve digestive disorders.

We were lucky enough to book the Valentin Suite during our stay. To say the room, or rather apartment, was fabulous would be a complete understatement. With two bedrooms, a separate living room and fireplace along with a bar and kitchenette, it was like we were in our own little cabin retreat. My favorite part of the room though, the balcony overlooking the San Juan. One look at my personal Instagram account and you’ll see how much I enjoy coffee, especially when coupled with a balcony and a view.

The town itself has an air of complete relaxation and happiness. From the cafes to the local restaurants and art galleries, everyone we met or spoke with was friendly, helpful and down to earth. No rushing around and indeed no snobbery. Our two favorite local restaurants included Rosie’s Pizzeria and River Pointe Coffee House. Both served up a laid-back atmosphere and quality food.

While we spent most of our time relaxing in the pools, drinking wine and visiting with the locals, there are several items to add to your to-do list if you are considering a trip to Pagosa.

Spending time at the spa

The spa at the Springs Resort is quaint and welcoming. I can happily say the massages I’ve had at the spa have been fantastic. We both enjoyed a couple’s massage, one of our favorite ways to unwind when we are on vacation. The prices for massages and facials are reasonable, and the service we received was impeccable.

Wolf Creek, Durango, and Purgatory

If you are a lover of outdoor winter sports but don’t want to pay the high prices for places like Vail, then this is the area for you. The runs at Wolf Creek and Purgatory vary from beginner to expert. Both Durango and Wolf Creek have adorable shopping areas and fun restaurants to fit every taste. The best part? After spending a day on the slopes, you can head on back to Pagosa for drinks and a long soak in the pools.

Wilderness Journey’s Pagosa

If you enjoy the outdoors but aren’t really a fan of skiing or snowboarding, then you may want to consider booking a trip with Wilderness Journeys and Pagosa Rafting outfitters. For over 25 years, this local tour company has been providing a variety of outdoor options for every type of vacationer. From hot air balloon rides and bike gravity tours to ancient Indian cliff dwelling and scenic train tours, there is indeed an adventure for everyone.


If I could go back to Pagosa again this year, it would be for Colorfest. Organized by the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce, Colorfest weekend takes place September 14th – 16th. The weekend is filled with hot air balloon rides, live music, a battle of the brews, and Pagosa’s passport to the best wine and food from the region.

Pagosa Springs will always hold a place in my heart, both as a place to relax and unwind and a great local community that focuses on building up their art and culture related businesses.